Stephanie Kozofsky

Position: Community Organzier
District: Los Angeles Unified School District
Location: Los Angeles, CA

As one of the coordinators on the Regional Impact team at Leadership for Educational Equity, Stephanie is responsible for supporting all 22 LEE regions with programming, data analysis, and annual planning. Prior to joining LEE in May 2018, Stephanie was a 12th grade teacher in Los Angeles and Chicago for four years teaching English and Social Justice. She led an advisory of 34 boys, whom she still takes out to deep dish pizza when she goes back to Chicago, as they are now first year college students. She is an active member of the regional strategy team of Angelinos Organizing for Education, who are currently working on safe passages to school for students in Los Angeles.

Stephanie also sits on the safe school task force for LAUSD schools to advise the LAUSD police dept on school safety methods. Stephanie is a first generation college student, and the oldest of four siblings who all have now pursued college or are actively pursuing their degrees. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Pace University and her Master of Science Degree from Johns Hopkins University. Stephanie’s strongest values include equity, community, and cross-cultural learning.

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