Katherine Villone

Position: Elementary School Teacher
District: Bergenfield School District
Location: Bergenfield, NJ

Katherine Villone was a recipient of the 2014-2015 National LifeChanger of the Year Award. She is a fourth grade elementary school teacher and certified school counselor in the Bergenfield Public School District in Bergenfield, NJ. Katherine earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education from Mansfield University, Pennsylvania and a Master's degree in school counseling from Seton Hall University, NJ. In addition to her teaching career, Katherine is an Educational Consultant with the Georgie Badiel Foundation working to develop partnerships with educators in an effort to raise awareness of the critical shortage of water in Africa as well as its impact on the educational opportunities for African girls and women. Katherine has spent time teaching and volunteering at a Tanzanian school and has traveled extensively in Africa, Europe, Central America, and North America. She resides in NJ with her children, Megan and Ron.

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