Josh Hallman

Position: Teacher
District: Ware Shoals School District 51
Location: Ware Shoals, SC

Josh is originally from Sumter, South Carolina. He attended both private and public schools growing up, and he received my bachelor's degree from Presbyterian College. This is his 8th year of teaching. He has experience teaching middle and high school science. He currently coaches volleyball, basketball, and soccer and previously coached track and football. He sponsors the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. This year, he was chosen to be Ware Shoals School District’s Teacher of the Year. He really enjoys being around young people. He is a loud and energetic person. When he was growing up, his dad said, “If you find a job you love, then you will never work a day in your life.” That is exactly how he feels most days.

“I think children are born with a desire to succeed and be liked, but unfortunately, some of our students lose that desire,” said Hallman. “It would be a great opportunity to gather with other teacher leaders to examine the reasons students act out violently and to brainstorm ways we as educators can be a part of the solution in order to keep all students safe.”

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