Gloria Pereyra-Robertson

Title: Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher
District: Medford Public Schools
Location: Medford, OR

Gloria Pereyra-Robertson, a 2018-19 LifeChanger of the Year nominee, is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and is 1 of 20 teachers in her family. She is a second language learner, who had to learn at an early age to overcome language barriers, racial & discriminating situations throughout her life & even in her teaching career. These experiences empowered her to become the bilingual teacher leader she is today, and this is also why for the last 21 years, she has dedicated herself to working in Title 1 schools w/ELL students, students who come from poverty, and migrant students & their families.

Gloria is also a teacher who helps find innovative solutions to break down language & racial barriers for all students & their families. This is why you will find her involved in work which promotes equity & cultural responsiveness in schools. Some of Gloria’s accomplishments include: 2017 Oregon State Teacher of the Year, MA: Bilingual Cross-Cultural Education, BA: Spanish Lit., Leading Educator Ambassadors for Equity (E.C.R.A.), a blogger for Scholastic’s Let’s Find Out Magazine, a contributor to O.D.E.’s K-Assessment Advisory Panel & Facebook

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