David May

Title: Sociology Professor
School: Mississippi State University
Location: Mississippi State, MS

Dr. David May is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Mississippi State University.  Dr. May has published over 80 articles and six books in the areas of cybercrime, school safety, human robotics interaction, military sociology, and corrections.  He is currently a PI or co-PI on five grants utilizing his expertise in these areas: (1) a grant from the Department of Defense to optimize Open Source Intelligence Gathering strategies to assist Army personnel in their threat assessments from open source data; (2) a grant from U.S. Army ERDC to examine human responses to unmanned ground vehicles in combat and noncombat environments; (3) a grant from the National Science Foundation to examine the effectiveness of robot interviewers in gathering data from children about sensitive topics; (4) a grant from the National Institute of Justice to examine responses to bullying among high school students; and (5) a grant from the Henry Foundation to examine the causes and consequences of the school-to-prison pipeline.  A retired Army and Air Force veteran, MSG (Ret.) May was a team leader in the 122nd ANG Security Forces at Fort Wayne Air National Guard Base, where he served as a team leader, trainer, and policy writer for his squadron. Additionally, Dr. May spent 10 years as the Kentucky Center for School Safety Research Fellow.

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