The National Coalition for Safe Schools® (NCSS) is a growing national movement founded by U.S. Varkey Teacher Ambassadors (US VTA’s) and other teacher leaders from throughout the United States who are committed to ensuring schools are safe and healthy places for students to learn and teachers to work.

NCSS hosted its inaugural Powered by Teach to Lead Summit in March 2019 to bring together ground-level K-12 educators to share their voices, needs and ideas in order to develop proactive solutions to prevent and address school shootings.

The Coalition is open to any individual, organization or business interested in advancing its mission and achieving its vision.


To address and prevent school shootings and other extreme acts of violence by providing teacher leaders and all school employees with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to proactively keep schools safe.


A future where every K-12 school is a safe environment for learning and free from all acts of violence.

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Board of Directors

Founding Members

We are honored to have more than 30 U.S. teacher-leaders and Varkey Teacher Ambassadors come together as founding members of the Coalition. These educators attended our inaugural Summit on School Safety in March 2019, where they began to develop a framework that can be used by school districts to prevent school violence.

Organizing Committee


Critical Friends

At the inaugural Summit on School Safety, these individuals guided the conversation we had around school violence. Their input provided us with additional background information from diverse viewpoints and multiple perspectives. They discussed topics such as social-emotional learning, mental health, and ensuring schools are properly equipped and staffed.


Sponsors and Partners

Funding and in-kind support for NCSS and the National Summit on School Safety is provided by National Life Group and LifeChanger of the Year, with additional support from Teach To Lead and the Varkey Foundation.

At National Life Group, we are a mission-driven and purposed-filled business. For us, the cause of what we do is as important as the products we sell. And our cause is a very simple one, directed at the people who live and work on America’s Main Streets: To Do good in our communities and with the individual families, business owners, and school employees we serve. For 170 years, we have aimed to keep our promises to provide families stability in good times and in bad. And throughout that history, we have provided peace of mind to those families as they plan their futures.

LifeChanger of the Year, an annual program funded and run by National Life Group and its Foundation, recognizes and rewards K-12 educators and school employees from around the country, who are making a profound difference in the lives of our children. Since 2011, LifeChanger of the Year has honored thousands of teachers, principals, administrative assistants, superintendents, custodians, nurses, bus drivers, coaches and other school employees and provided annual cash prizes to award winners and their schools.

Teach to Lead is a partnership of the U.S. Department of Education, ASCD and Teach Plus. We envision a world in which teachers are valued as the foremost experts in instruction, and as such, are leaders of informing, developing, and implementing education policy and practice to steer systematic improvements to benefit student learning.


Varkey Teacher Ambassadors (VTA’s) are recognized as a cadre of the top teachers in the world by the Varkey Foundation as part of the Global Teacher Prize.  The VTA’s serve as international ambassadors to elevate the profession in an effort to ensure all children receive a quality education. As well as having a voice at policy level, the teachers work together on global projects, reaching an increasing number of teachers and children across the globe.