National Coalition for Safe Schools

Help us reimagine what a safe school can be.



We encourage you to share our executive summary with your colleagues and school administrators. This document contains the Coalition’s guiding principles and immediate steps you can take to creating a safer school for your students.

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The National Coalition for Safe Schools® (NCSS) is a teacher-led initiative that believes the best way to create safer and healthier schools and communities is to proactively address the root causes of violence and other negative behaviors. NCSS empowers America’s teachers to play a leadership role in bringing simple, effective approaches directly into classrooms and school communities that focus on the needs of the whole child and support existing curricula and policy.

NCSS recognizes that school violence is not just a school problem but a societal one and invites all members of the community to join our cause. Let’s work together to soften hearts and minds so we don’t have to harden our schools and communities.

Funding and in-kind support for NCSS is provided by National Life Group and LifeChanger of the Year, with additional support from Teach To Lead and the Varkey Foundation.